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Standard Equipment COTTONMASTER 4000–9000

• 328 HP Rated Bondioli & Pavesi 2200 series Gearbox = The strongest gearbox on the market to withstand extreme conditions.
• Rotor Diameter of 355 mm and wall thickness of 10 mm = This heavy duty rotor is dynamically balanced at operating speed of 1530 rpm to provide smooth operation and a long life.
• 100% more flails over the row
• Flail Tip Speed of 65.3 metres / second = This gives excellant mulching capacity with minimal HP requirement.
• Maximum Flail Overlap = Excellent mulching capabilities with more flails positioned over the row.
• Replacable Flail Bush = Eliminates flail pin wearing reducing operating costs.
• 6 + 6 Double Belt Drive = Equal size pulleys provide maximum power by reducung belt slip.
• Light – Weight Heavy Duty Vented Belt Pulleys = Provides reduced heat build up maximising belt and bearing life.
• 70 mm Rotor and Driveline Shafts = Unequelled strength, durability and common size replacement bearings. • Steel Bearing Housings = Eliminates any cracking through vibration which can occur with cast housings.
• Twin Re-Cutters = Perfectly positioned so as to not restrict material entering mulcher but able to hold material in the mulcher for a finer cut.
• Replacable Double Skin = Made from high wearing Hardox Steel
• High Front Beam and Large Throat = This increases the mulchers capacity by allowing a greater volume of material into the machine at higher speeds
• Heavy Duty Skid Plates = Protection and durabilty in all applications
• Compact Hitch = Aids tractors lifting ability
• Sliding top link = Allows for smoother operation on uneven ground
• Heavy Duty Cabinet with Rear Opening Doors = Excellent access for service and maintenance

Very smooth running, low power requirements for chopping crop residues.