About Us

Muddy River Agricultural has been operating in Australia since 1992 and during that time we have been successful in obtaining the exclusive distribution rights to some of the world’s best brands of short-line farm machinery. These manufacturer relationships were gained due to Muddy River’s level of experience within the agricultural industry, its strong commitment to customer service and support and its extensive Australian dealer network.

Muddy River Agricultural focuses on distributing, marketing and supporting field-proven, specialized, short-line agricultural equipment to the Australian farm industry. We currently represent North American and European manufacturers, all of which are regarded as leaders within their particular sectors.

Through an extensive group of dealers, Muddy River distributes its diversified selection of high quality equipment to grain, livestock, rice and cotton producers throughout New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, and Western Australia. Muddy River has been associated with the majority of its dealers for nearly 20 years.

Our Australian dealer network is supported by Muddy River employees residing in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and Western Australia. Our Australian based staff provide local assembly, service, maintenance and sales support to the Dealers and their end user clients. The office in Canada manages the supplier relationships, and assists our Australian staff and our dealer network on a day to day basis. In an effort to provide fast and efficient service to our dealers and their customers, Muddy River established parts and assembly depots on both the East and West coasts of Australia. All of our sales and service personal in Australia have numerous years of industry and product experience, which enables them to extend the highest level of product support to our all of our dealers.

Muddy River is committed to providing our dealers and their customers with high quality products, expert industry and product knowledge, innovative equipment to meet the markets ever changing needs and a premiere level of after-sales support.

OUR MISSION: To supply high quality, specialized, field proven agricultural equipment to the Australian farm industry.

The Horsch Difference

“When you buy a Horsch machine, what it really comes down to is a well thought-out, extremely low maintenance, long term investment in the future of your farm.”

Unlike some companies who jump at export potential and the chance to offload products in a new market, it took eight years to convince Michael Horsch that his seeding and cultivation machines were ready to give the very best results in Australian conditions.
Putting your family name to a brand, putting your life into the brand, staking the success of your own farms and those of others on that same brand – these are not things to be taken lightly.

Michael Horsch is a farmer, with a farmer’s concerns and a passion for getting things right. He and Walter Horsch established Horsch Maschinen GmbH in 1984 on the farm Sitzenhof at Schwandorf in Germany and the company still has its headquarters there.

Right from the start, the aim was to develop farm machinery that would increase productivity for the long term despite increasing climate fluctuations in Europe and the rest of the world.

The company went about its research and development as it continues to do today, constantly exchanging ideas, experiences and insights with farmers and scientists and initiating an intensive testing regime to underscore all the investment in product development.

The Horsch company has gone on to set trends which have changed the way growers think about farming. Key markets include Germany, France, Poland, Czech Republic, UK, Romania, Denmark, Russia, Ukraine and USA, with a more recent and growing presence in South Africa and Australia.

It is all too common for companies to claim they have high quality and innovative products but the Horsch line up is demonstrably so, with worldwide recognition and well-earned awards, including Agritechnica medals and ‘Milestones in Agricultural Engineering 2013’.

Each year, the German Agricultural Society (DLG) interviews hundreds of agriculturalists who are asked to evaluate companies in terms of which has the best and most innovative products. For the past three years, Horsch Maschinen GmbH has achieved fourth position after leading tractor brands Fendt, Claas and John Deere.

The man who pursued Horsch machines for Australian farmers for eight years is Peter Jack, owner of Muddy River Agricultural Pty Ltd. Peter’s first experience of Horsch products was at SIMA in Paris. He said he was immediately impressed by the build and beautiful design.

“I was looking at something so different from any other product range. It was like the Apple computer of the farm machinery world,” he said.

“My own years of experience with seeding and cultivation technology meant I understood all too well the challenge of getting equipment to suit Australian requirements. But when I saw Horsch machinery and understood the company’s incredible commitment to quality, I knew we had to find a way.”

At that time, Horsch was making the transition to developing durable broadacre equipment, particularly for the Eastern European market, where a super strong build, very low maintenance and simple operation were primary concerns.

When Peter approached the Horsch family about exporting product to Australia, they wanted to study conditions. They wanted information on systems, soils, climate variations. They wanted to be sure they could offer the best possible product and they would not commit until they were ready.

Michael Horsch told Peter the company was prepared to make regional changes to their product range.
“It was great to hear him say that. We didn’t want to import cookie cutter machines. We knew the technology was important and now we had the chance to get the products fine-tuned,” Peter said.

After several more years of research, developments, yield data and trials covering every aspect of the machines, the Horsch company finally agreed to commit to Australian export.

Today, with a range of Horsch machines operating throughout Australia, farmers and agronomists are spreading the word about results they can see for themselves. And Peter Jack’s persistence and passion is finally beginning to pay off.

Muddy River Sales and Marketing Manager Steve Robertson agrees the build quality is the first thing that strikes you with Horsch machines.

“R&D budgets just aren’t there for so many manufacturers but with Horsch, engineering R&D continues to be the main focus.

“The quality is there in every detail, right down to the hardened pins, and it is simply unequalled here in Australia. No one else can offer this kind of engineering here or in North America and we have the full range of Horsch tillage and seeding technology available from Muddy River.

“All the bearings are German-made and best rated. Tube connections and welding are brilliant. The seamless hot-rolled steel isn’t available here or in the US. It only comes from two factories: one in Germany and one in Sweden,” he said.

“When Horsch builds strength into a machine, they don’t just throw more metal at it. They build with superior materials and clever engineering technology. The C connections in the frame are 45 times stronger than any other frame design.

“We can throw figures, stats, yields and pressure test results at you, but when you buy a Horsch machine, what it really comes down to is a well thought-out, extremely low maintenance, long term investment in the future of your farm.”

Muddy River Agricultural, based in Echuca, Victoria, has been demonstrating Horsch machinery the ‘old school’ way: on-farm with extensive trials right across the country. Steve said interest has been strong, with exceptional levels of enquiry about the seeding technology.

“The Sprinter’s torsion bar uses depth and press wheel pressure to achieve excellent seed placement evenly across the whole bar. Some growers have had their best germination ever.

“The placement of the press wheel in relation to the seed boot and point is absolutely critical and Horsch has got this exactly right. So you’ve got the technology to improve germination and yields, sometimes in places and conditions where it hasn’t been possible before.

“The metering system can handle rates from 0.5kg to 600kg per hectare with very simple calibration. It runs electric motors instead of hydraulic to avoid any rate variation from the oil, and is extremely accurate.

“The new award-winning single grain metering unit for Horsch drills that have adapted Turbodisc seed coulters, like the Pronto DC, can sow a single grain twice a second. You can get a seed density of 240 grains per square metre at 12km an hour with a row spacing of 15cm,” he said.

From an engineering point of view, Horsch production has more similarities to the aircraft industry than traditional farm machinery manufacturing. Long term safety and reliability hang on the toughness of a pin, the stress tolerance of the joins and the integrity of frames.

At Horsch Maschinen GmbH, they have taken the time to find better ways to build the strength and durability it takes to deliver thousands of flawless working hours and brilliant results.