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44 Euston Road, Toowoomba
QLD 4350 Australia

We support your local dealer, in the event of needing parts or service support contact your dealer.

Provide serial number, beneficial to provide information such as model I.D., serial number, etc. photographs can be helpful will speed up your request. Owners can download operation manual, parts book, you can find your machine and do some homework.

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Muddy River keeps your Honeybee sweet

Good pre-season maintenance can give you a smoother run through harvest and access to the right parts when you need them is vital. Muddy River Agricultural represents several great machinery brands, including Horsch, Soucy, BBI, Degelman and Honeybee, providing Australian growers with outstanding performance year after year.

The company’s Parts and Service Department maintains a comprehensive parts inventory for all its machinery, including a full range of Honeybee parts.

Those farmers making last minute checks on Honeybee fronts for wear and tear of knife parts, wobble boxes, reel parts and other essential components can get fast replacement parts from Muddy River Agricultural.

The whole parts and service team works together very well because we all have the same goal to provide great customer service. People soon realise we’re here to help. Some growers don’t know where to find spare parts for their Honeybee fronts, particularly if they’re carrying the New Holland brand. Whether you want advice or just a quick spare part, we’ve got it. I think people know we do go the extra mile to get customers what they need when they need it.

Muddy River Agricultural is based in Toowoomba and has spare parts distribution outlets in Victoria for the eastern States and also in Western Australia. They can freight parts for next day delivery if required.

For more information call Parts and Service on 07 4580 0825