100 Bushel Grain Tank

The Bale King 5225 features the largest grain tank in the business. The front mounted tank with the rear discharge hydraulic auger allows you to top dress, bunk feed, or pile grain with ease.

If you are supplementing hay with grain or pellets, the 5225 is sure to be a time saver!

Bale King 5225

Serious Grain Capacity

The Bale King 5225’s 100 bushel tank is nearly 3 times larger than most competitive offerings. This extra capacity means you can feed more cows in less time with less trips back to bin for refill. These large grain tank models have been working hard on ranches for over 20 years. The 5225 builds on that history with a number of key improvements to the processor, tank, and undercarriage.

As energy demands increase with cold weather or late stages of pregnancy, cattle need more energy to maintain condition. Bale King’s Total Ration (TR) processors make it easy to dispense grain or pellets with your bales to deliver the feed value your livestock needs to thrive. Alternatively, adding supplemental grain to your ration can make economic sense in years where the cost of hay is prohibitive.

Bale King processors help simplify your operation and work to get more out of your feed supply. Processed bales take less energy to digest while windrowing gives every cow equal access. Bale King processors are also the tool of choice for bedding straw. Owners report as much as 3X the coverage per bale compared to rolling straw out.


  • Bale Capacity: 2 rounds (6ft diameter)
  • Grain tank Capacity: 100 bushels
  • Right hand discharge puts the action on the same side as your tractor controls
  • Hydraulic bale roller design for aggressive bale manipulation
  • Windrow, bunk feed, or bed: Switch between functions with the standard hydraulic deflector

Standard Features

The standard 1000 RPM driveline with shearbolt protection powers a low maintenance gearbox. No belts or chains to maintain. The 80 degree constant velocity PTO shaft gives you extra maneuverability in tight quarters.

The bale rollers are direct drive by high torque hydraulic motors with flow and pressure protection.

The hoop grate adjustment lever provides easy adjustment for varying bale conditions.

The heart of every Bale King is the X-Rotor which provides notable benefits over pipe style rotors.

  • It’s fan shaped profile moves more air to increase straw spreading distance.
  • The X creates a cavity beneath the twine/net to simplify twine removal with a utility knife. No more cutting twine against a steel pipe
  • Pipe style rotors are prone to cracking when flails slap back under heavy load. The X rotor provides additional rearward travel for the flail which results is less metal fatigue and a quieter overall experience.

The 27″ diameter rotor at 7000 ft/min flail speed combined with 28 heavy flails on oil impregnated bushings provides exceptional aggression and durability.

The 5225 features an upgraded hoop grate to improve performance in a wider variety of conditions. The alternating long hoop / short hoop design improves throughput while controlling the flow through the rotor.

The bale rollers combine rows of wide paddles and short spikes to provide the traction required for a wide range of bale types. These rollers offer effective bale manipulation, low maintenance, and are unaffected by snow and ice freezing in the tub.

Twine guards on the both ends of the rotor and bale rollers keep twine and net out of your bearings

The grain tank has an extra large opening with a hydraulic lid for easy filling.

An anti-slip textured platform provides a stable place to guide the auger spout while filling. The tank platform and loading position is on the left hand side for quick access from your tractor.

A wide, sturdy handrail provides an extra measure of safety when mounting and dismounting the platform, especially in muddy or wet weather.

The ladder is firmly affixed to the platform and stows underneath for better better ground clearance.

Cleanout doors are located on both the tank and auger system.

The Bale King 5225 features heavy-duty adjustable forks. Straight tip fork tines do not skew the bale sideways when backing under.

The unloading with 6″ flighting is positioned to place grain directly on top of the processed windrow.

A flow control valve is included as standard equipment to allow controlled metering while an inline check valve prevents the augers from inadvertently running in reverse.

The auger fits within the width of the processor when the bale deflector is up. The hydraulic deflector is standard which gives easy control over windrowing or bedding, but also easily folds up for a narrow profile though gates.

The 5225 rides on tandem 10000lb capacity torflex axles. An upgrade over earlier walking axle models, the torflex system provides a cushioned ride with exceptional durability. There are no pivots to grease or bushings to wear out.

Low profile 12Lx16.5 tires on 8 bolt hubs carry the load while providing good flotation in soft ground.

A top quality, abrasion resistant powder coat finish is applied to all Bale King products.

Upgrade Options and Kits

Fine Chop Kit – The Fine Chop Kit adds the ability to chop material even finer.

The kit adds a row of adjustable-height knives with 3 positions: Full height, half height, and fully retracted.

Ideal when processing long greenfeed or silage. No tools required to raise or drop the knives.

This kit can easily be installed by the end user. It is also available as a factory option.


  • Bale Capacity: 2 x 6.5′ (2m) rounds
  • Grain Tank Capacity: 100 bushels
  • PTO: Min. 100HP (73 kw) @ 1000 RPM
  • Hydraulic Remotes: 3 standard (Control box required)
  • Discharge Distance: Up to 60′ (~18.3m)
  • Tires: 12Lx16.5 NHS Flotation
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • Weight: 7850lb (base machine)