Bale King 5300

3 Bale Capacity – Exclusive To Bale King

We challenged our engineers to fit a third bale on our standard length processor frame and they didn’t disappoint.

Save time, save fuel, save miles, and hopefully a few climbs off the tractor to open gates!

Bale King 8200

Proven And Flexible

If you need a little more capacity than a standard processor can offer but aren’t quite in need of a 6 bale processor, the competitive options typically involve carrying a second bale in an extra long tub. But this comes with a trade-off. The extra length costs you maneuverability, the long rotor and loading system adds complexity, and the price becomes prohibitive. Enter the Bale King 5300. It’s unique grapple arms hold a third bale in otherwise wasted space on a standard machine, maintenance is minimal, and the simplicity of the design keeps the cost in check.

The 5300 is the latest in 30 years of Bale King development. Built with flexibilty in mind, the base 2-bale configuration can be upgraded to 3-Bale capacity at any time. Adding grain to your ration? No problem. The 40 bushel rear discharge grain tank is also compatible.

Bale King processors help simplify your operation and work to get more out of your feed supply. Processed bales take less energy to digest while windrowing gives every cow equal access. Bale King processors are also the tool of choice for bedding straw. Owners report as much as 3X the coverage per bale compared to rolling straw out.


  • 2 Bale capacity (6ft diameter) (Optional 3 bale)
  • Right hand discharge puts the action on the same side as your tractor controls
  • Hydraulic bale roller design for low maintenance. Only 3 bearings in the processing mechanism
  • Windrow, bunk feed, or bed: Switch between functions with the standard hydraulic deflector

5300 Series Enhancements

Based on the proven Bale King 5200, the 5300 has been enhanced with the following features:

  • Compatible with Three-Bale Kit*
  • New, more aggressive bale rollers
  • Improved bale containment
  • Improved panel design to reduce chaff build-up
  • Simplified serviceability
  • Wider hoop grate adjustment range

*Patent Pending

The 5300 features an improved hoop grate and redesigned bale rollers to improve performance in a wider variety of conditions. The alternating long hoop / short hoop design improves throughput while controlling the flow through the rotor.

The redesigned bale rollers with 4 rows of wide paddles provides the the traction required for a wide range of bale types.  These rollers offer effective bale manipulation, low maintenance, and are unaffected by snow and ice freezing in the tub.

Twine guards on the both ends of the rotor and bale rollers keep twine and net out of your bearings

The heart of every Bale King is the X-Rotor which provides notable benefits over pipe style rotors.

  • It’s fan shaped profile moves more air to increase straw spreading distance.
  • The X creates a cavity beneath the twine/net to simplify twine removal with a utility knife. No more cutting twine against a steel pipe
  • Pipe style rotors are prone to cracking when flails slap back under heavy load. The X rotor provides additional rearward travel for the flail which results in less metal fatigue and a quieter overall experience.

The 27″ diameter rotor at 7000 ft/min flail speed combined with 28 heavy flails on oil impregnated bushings provides exceptional aggression and durability.Z

The Loading Fork can be adjusted to accommodate various bale sizes. The pointed forks are more forgiving of misalignment or uneven ground when backing into a bale to load it.

Standard 16.5Lx16.1 tires handle the load while providing a smoother ride in rough ground and more flotation in muddy conditions.

The heavyweight rubber flap directs processed hay into a neat windrow or bunk. For precise aim in bedding applications, flip the rubber up and use the hydraulic main deflector place the straw exactly where you want it.


  • Bale Capacity: 2 x 6.5′ (2m) rounds
  • PTO: Min. 100HP (73 kw) @ 1000 RPM
  • Hydraulic Remotes: 3 standard (2-remote kits available)
  • Discharge Distance: Up to 60′ (~18.3m)
  • Tires: 16Lx16.1 Flotation
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • Weight: 4400lb (base machine)

Upgrade Kits And Options

Three Bale Kit – Exclusive to Bale King. Adds the ability to carry a third bale!

The Three Bale Kit is a bolt-on option that can be either factory or field installed onto a 5300. The hydraulic grapple securely holds the second bale while the 3rd is being loaded.

The Three Bale Kit saves you time. Carry a 4th bale on your front end loader for even more capacity. If not, the kit still carries the extra bale where it should be…on the processor. This improves your view down the road, saves stress on your front axle, and reduces maneuvering in the pasture.