Key to yield-building ration

Coomboona Dairy has increased yields from 31 to 38 litres per cow per day over an 8 month period. Trioliet Solomix vertical mixers played a crucial role.

With Trioliet Solomix technology, feed is mixed horizontally and vertically and patented triangles ensure feed is transported through the entire mixing vessel. This dual flow principal delivers a perfectly mixed ration.
Coomboona Feed Manager and New Dairy Project Manager James Turvey has many years of experience with large dairy herds and feed mixers, including Trioliet. He believes Trioliet mixers are superior to other brands.

“You don’t want surprises. You don’t want breakdowns. You just want good results day after day after day. Trioliet mixers give us ongoing efficiency, accuracy, and reliability,” he said.

“The machines are very easy to use and the mix is consistent and yield-building. The gearbox is a real advantage. It doesn’t move around a lot so it’s very accurate with the weighing. I get only 1% deviance on 100kg input and that’s very good.

“You couldn’t expect any machine to do better than the Trioliet mixers. We’re on target for 40 litres per cow per day in the next few weeks and we couldn’t be happier with Trioliet.”

Coomboona Dairy in Victoria’s Goulburn Valley has been in the spotlight since it came under the focus of CEO Alex Arena with his passion for dairy farming and genetic improvement in the Holstein breed.

The dairy currently has 2200 milkers and is on target for 6000 milkers in the next 2 years.

There is a 50-stand rotary for special needs animals and an 80-stand fully automated GEA rotary for the rest of the herd.

Herd average is approximately 12,000 litres per annum with 3.4% protein and just below 4% fat.

The farm grows most of its feed requirements on 6000 acres in order to control quality. Maize, cereals and lucerne are grown using sustainable farming techniques with compost as the main fertiliser.

Coomboona Dairy began TMR feeding 11 years ago with Trioliet mixers. The most recent Trioliet additions are 32 cubic metre Solomix twin-auger heavy duty rear-steer vertical mixers with feed management software.
Mr Turvey said the TMR Tracker feed management software was a big plus.

“The operators drive to where it says, deposit what it says and press a button. It’s that easy. And everything is reported back to me as it’s happening.

“With the programming, we get exactly the same feed product from each of the two mixers. It’s all consistent, and cows love consistency.”

He said the improvements in yield could be put down to the mixers, the nutritionists, the team work of the operatives, and the opportunity to work with cows with great genetic potential.

“We are very lucky to have CEO Alex Arena, who is passionate about herd development and prepared to invest in the right machinery, the right people and the right ideas. That’s what’s got us this far and the future at Coomboona is looking good.”

Dutch company Trioliet is a world leader in feeding technology and the biggest supplier of vertical feed mixers worldwide, exporting 80 percent of its machines to 50 countries. The products are distributed throughout Australia by Muddy River Agricultural.

For more information about the full range of Trioliet mixers, visit and Solomix 2 3200 VLX K T 2

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