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Highly efficient feed technology March 2017

After decades of specialised development, Dutch company Trioliet (pronounced tree-oh-leet) is a world leader in feeding technology and the biggest supplier of vertical feed mixers worldwide.

The family company, founded in 1950 by the three (trio) Liet brothers, develops and manufactures a comprehensive range of livestock feeding machines, including the popular Solomix vertical feed mixers.

Today, Trioliet exports approximately 80 percent of its machines to 50 countries, testament to a successful strategy of continually building on existing technologies and designing new solutions.

Trioliet Export Manager Robin Hansen recently visited Australia to talk to farmers and run a series of dealer training sessions with Australian distributor Muddy River Agricultural.

Mr Hansen described Dutch dairy farmers as highly efficient and very critical of machinery and farming methods.
“Trioliet built its reputation in The Netherlands, driven by these demands for efficiency and then took it out to the world,” he said.
“We are confident we can provide suitable mechanical or automatic feeding solutions for the majority of dairy and beef farmers worldwide.
“Our customers know that with a Trioliet feed machine, the initial investment may be a little bit more but the payback time is very good and the machine life is long.

“Just this week I’ve met farmers here who’ve been running a Trioliet vertical mixer for 10 years, 14 years, and they are still going very well. Trioliet customers can expect fewer problems and very satisfying results,” he said.

These results include not only long and reliable machine life, ease of use and low maintenance but also, for at least one Victorian dairy farm, an increase from 29 to 37 litres of milk per cow per day.

Trioliet also offers feed management systems to help simplify the business of controlling feed costs.
The biggest market for Trioliet in Australia for the past 15 years has been trailed vertical mixers. That market is still growing, partly because of the company’s ability to provide ‘made to measure’ machines. There are 160 models in Trioliet’s Solomix range, with single, double or triple augers, from 5 to 52 cubic metre capacity.

Video shared on the Muddy River Agricultural Facebook site shows the Solomix technology in action as feed is mixed in two directions, horizontally and vertically with Twin Stream mixing. Patented triangles ensure the feed is transported through the entire mixing vessel. This “Dual Flow” principle delivers a perfectly mixed ration.

Mr Hansen said there is also great potential for stationary mixers, particularly on big feedlots through Australia.
“We think in the future as it becomes more difficult to find quality skilled labour, a complete automatic feeding process that can be run by just one manager will be the labour-saving answer here, as it is elsewhere.

“We are selling a serious number of automatic systems a year and they are very successful, so naturally word is spreading and interest is growing,” he said.

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TRIOLIET Solomix 2 2400L ZKX T