Pulldozer Transformer

Pulldozer Transformer

The ultimate in premium land-shaping technology: The Pulldozer 1850 and 2470 Transformers!

Pulldozer Transformers are built for supreme earth-moving performance and versatility. The innovative articulating-wing design – the Transformer’s standout feature – allows simple transport where impossible for conventional fixed-blade pull-style dozers.

Wing articulation also permits single-pass ditching, crowning, and terracing in addition to dozing and leveling; land-shaping operations which require multiple passes for practically any other machine.

Upgrade to the XL model to gain the plunge-cutting trencher for deep ditching.

Interested in a Transformer? Looking for something simpler, or for a scraper to complement your new machine? Contact Bridgeview today!


Transformer-series Pulldozers lift 2′ off the ground for exceptional blade clearance during transport.

The rear axle can lift right off the ground while dozing to keep weight on the blade where its needed.This transformation also helps when there are larger sized rocks or dirt piles or even when the tires are buried in mud to allow the axle over the obstacle without damage.

Serrated blades penetrate into hard-packed ground with up to 2,000 pounds of force per foot, leaving the ground seed-bed ready. Straight blades are also available for finer finishing work or snow removal.

1000/50R25 Tires (on the 2470) handle sharp rocks and debris. Maximum safe towing speed is a brisk 25 mph.

Telescoping axle allows greater stability when grading and a narrow transport width when underway–less than 14′ on the 2470!

Standard road lights, reflectors, and SMV signage keep you and others safer during road travel.

Blade tilt and wing angle indicators permit consistent grading on each pass, eliminating guesswork. Fully compatible with GPS and Laser guidance.

Maximum wing tip depth is 34″ below grade for quick ditching and drainage. Each wing independently travels -10° to +40° relative to the ground.

On XL-models, the trenching depth indicator allows repeat-ability for consistent, well-draining trenches. Great for quickly burying shallow cables and lines.

Super-durable powder coat paint on all surfaces keeps your Pulldozer looking new for years.

Lift Cylinder Locks are standard equipment which give you peace of mind during service and road travel.


XL Trencher Option – An option available when ordering your 1850 or 2470. Rips a trench up to 42″ deep!

The XL Trencher features an integrated depth indicator which is easy to read from the cab and permits consistency when operating. The XL trencher is a must-have for drainage, which is the first step of recovering waterlogged land.

GPS Tower Option – The GPS Tower is a bolt-on option for your 1850 and 2470. It provides a great place to mount a GPS or Laser receiver.

It’s made of steel so it’s compatible with magnetic mounts. The versatile hole pattern is compatible with most receiver bases.

Transformers now come standard with a GPS mount on each wing! Independent control adds even better precision than before. Talk to your dealer about available GPS control options.

Transformable Blade for Transforming Your Land

Much more than just narrow transport, the Transformer’s hydraulic wings let you fit anywhere and shape anything:

– Wings forward to ditch, Wings back to crown
– Wings straight to level, Wings opposite to terrace
– Lift and Tilt to fine tune
– Retractable axle for road mode

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Pulldozer Transformers take all the features of our straight blade series and cranks the capabilities to the max. For precision landscaping, these machines not only make the job easier, but they can make it possible in the first place. The hydraulic wings shape and conform to the land the way you want while giving you a narrower machine when you need it. Consider cleaning a roadside ditch near a fenceline. A 24ft straight blade may not physically fit down into the ditch while a 2470 Transformer will fold in and conform with ease.


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