XT 100 / 130 / 160 Up to 90 ha per hour

Whether you are a farmer or a contractor, it provides the efficiency you need!

The new XT generation is pushing back the limits of performance.

With working widths up to 50 m for granules and maximum capacities of 15,500 litres, these trailed fertiliser spreaders offer unrivalled productivity.

At ease on the road and fields alike, the XT is approved to travel with a full hopper.

Extraordinary site application rates

Exceptional performance, fully multi-functioning

  • With fertiliser granules, work on widths from 18 to 50 m in mechanical drive.
  • Up to 5 tonnes/ha with wet bulk or organic pellets
  • One single machine for several applications: all configurations are available and interchangeable depending on the product to be spread, granulates or other bulk forms, organic pellets, or powder,

The choice is yours!

For granulates, benefit from a proven mechanism, tested on mounted spreaders, with record levels of autonomy. The granulate discs are equipped as standard with Epsilon vane system = 2 jets per vane for complete overlap.

For example, 90 ha per hour, spreading 300 kg/ha at 18 km/h over a working width of 50 m.

Ultra-resistant 700 mm steel discs: from 3 to 5 Tonnes/ha

Application rate accuracy

Belt driven mechanically by crown wheel and pinion, for an application rate that is strictly proportional to the forward speed and completely unaffected by slippage, whatever the plot contours.

800 mm-wide feeder belt with permanent self-centring mechanism (cylindro-conical drive bearings) and hopper inclinations that are ideally suited to the flow of products stored in bulk.

The XT uses Econov section shut-off


  • 6 spreading sections and all combinations possible.
  • For example, you can open just one section on the outside


Only management system of its kind on the market with the spreading area shaped in a curve:

  • Excellent fertiliser spreading,
  • Up to 15% fertiliser saving

Your hand controls absolutely everything

The Vision console for manual or automatic adjustment of the application rate/ha, management of half-widths, borders and general closures when filling…