RDX225 RDX230 RDX236 RDX240 RDX245 RDX250
Width 25′ 30′ 36′ 40′ 45′ 50′
Operating weight
(including reel)
2811 kg /
6199 lbs
3071 kg /
6771 lbs
3379 kg /
7450 lbs
3591 kg /
7916 lbs
3851 kg /
8489 lbs
4111 kg /
9062 lbs
Hydraulic System Hydraulics are limited to the combine reel circuits only
Cutting System Honey Bee cutting system with SCH sections
Knife Drive Fully synchronized mechanical knife drive
Draper New high performance tensioning system and mechanical drive
Center Deck New high performance tensioning system and mechanical drive
HB Draper Shield Patented crop flow assistance device (Optional)
Cross Auger Crop flow assistance device (Optional)
HB Reel High strength, high performance reel with multiple crop settings and finger spacing options
Reel Drive Centre hydraulic reel drive
Transport System Heavy duty road transport with electric brakes; optional RV or AG plugs
Tires / Wheels / Hubs / Spindles Standard
Cutterbar Poly Skid Standard with sectional panels
Combine Adapters Available for most models of self-propelled combines
Fore/Aft Standard – using combine functions
Automatic Reel Speed Control Standard equipment – combine must have reel speed circuit
Gauge Wheels Standard
Subframe Suspension Standard
Header Height Standard – combine needs header height function
Header Tilt Hydraulic or Manual
Reversible Mechanical Drive Standard
Maintenance Requirements 2 x 10 hour knife grease / 2 x 10 hour reel grease / 10 x 40 hour drive line grease / 8 x 40 hour general
Honey Bee Low-cut System Optional
Narrow Finger Spacing Optional – 2 1/2″ every second bat
Skid Shoes Optional
HB Vertical Shears Powered by mechanical knife drive (Optional)