Cultivators 8375

The industry’s most versatile tool

The Orthman 8375 Row Crop Cultivator has proven itself to be the industry’s most versatile row crop tillage tool. The 8375 is designed to utilize Orthman’s wide selection of cultivation tools and attachments to ensure a custom field pass for even the toughest of field conditions.

Standard features

Parallel Linkage

Force-through-mount design

Unlike mounting systems that transfer draft force solely through U-bolts that can stretch, distort and break, Orthman’s heavy-duty force-through-mount design and wedge locking system join steel to steel to stand up to the rigors of high residue cultivat

Reliable weed kill

Orthman’s innovative parallel linkage design allows 8 inches of vertical travel, allowing you to maintain a consistent cut depth for dependable weed kill and precision fertilizer placement when side-dressing regardless of the field terrain.

Precision wrench-free depth adjustment

Provides 9″ of quick and consistent tooling depth control with choice of either the depth band coulter or large-tire gauge-wheel option.

Depth Band Coulter Option

The rugged 22″ depth band coulter easily slices through surface and sub-surface residue to eliminate interference with the sweep while it simultaneously maintains precise depth control.

Tire Front Option

The 8375’s big tire front option provides superior flotation with its 8” width and 20.5″ diameter, all while it simultaneously maintains precise depth control of the row unit for superior weed cutting.

Heavy-Duty Sealed bearings

Reduce your maintenance workload with the 8375’s heavy-duty sealed bearings that allow you to conquer the toughest cultivating conditions.

Precision Tooling Options

Barring-off discs

Pull soil away from the plant without disturbing the root zone with the optional barring-off discs; when not in use, the wrench-free pin adjustment lets you quickly rotate them out of the way.

Intermediate Tooling Options

The versatile intermediate tooling and heavy-duty diamond mounting cross-tubes allow fine adjustments for inter-row tillage tools.

Intermediate Tooling Options

The versatile intermediate tooling and heavy-duty diamond mounting cross-tubes allow fine adjustments for inter-row tillage tools.

Inter-row ripper shank provides maximum water penetration while fracturing compressed soils.

Dual half sweep option fine-tunes cut width ahead of rear sweep.


Center Cutting Coulter

When equipped with the large-tire gauge-wheel, the crank-adjust center coulter is included as standard equipment, enabling the 8375 to cut through the heaviest residue.

Multiple Sweep Options to match your needs

The 8375’s rear shank wedge lock provides quick height adjustment and includes shear bolt protection and can utilize multiple Orthman sweep styles, including the single piece sweep, western sweep and super sweep, with blade options to match your row spacing.

Single Piece Sweep Cut widths 14″ to 26″

Western Sweep
Cut widths 16″ to 28″ 

Super Sweep
Cut widths 18″ to 26″

Ridging Wings


Side-dressing options

Precision nutrient placement side-dressing options (liquid or NH3 fertilizer) allow for dual operations in a single pass for greater efficiency. The dual fertilizer tube option splits to each side of the row to precision place fertilizer close to the crop, while the shank mounted knife option can place the fertilizer deeper in the center of the row.

Dual Fertilizer Tubes

Shank Mounted Knife

Fender Packages

Adjustable fender packages protect young crops while maintaining the desired ground speed. The 8375 is available with open top fenders to allow for taller crops while the closed top fenders allow for complete protection for the smallest of crops.

Unsurpassed toolbar strength

The 8375 cultivator can be mounted on any of Orthman’s industry-leading rigid, folding or stacking toolbars, featuring wide, precision line-bored hinges for smooth folding and extra-engineered strength. The 8375 is available in sizes from 6 to 24 rows in 30” to 40” spacings.

Patented Design

Orthman toolbars are designed around the original principles of the Orthman internal cylinder folding toolbar first developed in the 1970s. The toolbar’s innovative internal folding cylinder design allows the toolbar to fold while freeing up peripheral toolbar space that’s wasted in external folding cylinder models.

Additional Lifting Power

Optional lift assist wheels can be added to configurations 22” and wider to help reduce the tractor load with their 10,000 lb lift capacity and large tire width for better field flotation in wet conditions. 

Optional GPS Implement Guidance

For greater precision, the Orthman Tracker® IV implement guidance system can be added to any Orthman cultivator to provide sub-inch weed killing accuracy.

Nurse-Tank Hitch

Add an Orthman Nurse-Tank Hitch to add even more side-dress fertilizer capacity to your cultivator. The TH4 features a telescoping and pivoting hitch tab to allow for easier connection to any trailer.