1tRIPr XD Combo

Till, fertilize and plant in a single pass

Especially on today’s larger farms, efficiency is the watchword, and it’s hard to beat the efficiency of the remarkable 1tRIPr XD Combo. The 1tRIPr XD Combo offers the efficiency of the industry-leading 1tRIPr row units and a generous fertilizer carrying capacity integrated into a rugged, large-frame design. Designed, engineered and built to last for years of production, the 1tRIPr XD Combo manages the Three Principles of Precision Tillage in a single pass, providing a clean, level, seed-ready seedbed in a variety of field conditions, including wheat stubble, cover crops, standing BT corn stalks and many more. And in the same pass, the XD Combo completes the job by planting your crop with your 3-point mounted planter with sub-inch accuracy.

The XD Combo hitch is built Orthman tough and is designed to eliminate backlash for increased control and greater drawbar life.

Orthman’s patented internal fold cylinder is the smart way to fold a toolbar

The massive XD lifting tongue shortens the overall machine length and improves ground clearance for optimum field-to-field transport maneuverability, while precision, line-bored hinges provide more strength and smoother operation, guaranteeing years of reliable performance. Smart features such as strategically placed hydraulic routing keep hoses and cables safe in the harshest operating conditions.

The XD Combo’s unique short tongue and narrow design let you make tighter end turns for greater speed and efficiency.

Orthman and Montag

Tongue design redefines the meaning of heavy-duty

Henry Orthman’s unique, patented internal fold cylinder design created a cleaner, stronger toolbar that simplified mounting of row units and routing of fertilizer lines. But the design is only the beginning — to make sure the toolbar is tough enough to be an Orthman, we fabricate from the highest quality materials and precision line-bore the hinges to make them the strongest in the industry, ensuring smooth operation and long life.

See For Yourself

Here’s exactly how Orthman precision-bores the XD toolbar for greater strength, long life and smooth operation. Orthman’s custom-built, computer-controlled boring machine is the only one like it in the industry.

Easy Row Unit Access

The 1tRIPr XD Combo’s overtop frame design gives you full and easy access to all row units for ease of service and adjustment.

Colossal Carrying Capacity

Offered in 4- and 6-wheel configurations with up to 40,000 pounds of lift capacity, the XD Combo provides excellent flotation and minimizes compaction. The XD Combo’s wide stance offers improved implement stability in the field as well as during transport, while providing 21″ lift clearance to accommodate rough terrain in transport mode.

LED Lighting Package Standard

To improve safety and visibility during transport, Orthman includes a reliable and long-lasting LED lighting package on all XD Combo units.

Precision Nutrient Placement
Maximize your efficiency by placing fertilizer and planting in the same pass

The 1tRIPr XD Combo features a large 1,000-gallon liquid fertilizer package that allows you to spend more time in the field and less time filling up with fertilizer. The 1tRIPr’s independent row-depth control allows precise placement of multiple nutrients at adjustable depths for ideal uptake timing. Precision fertilizer placement at user-determined depths enables you to target the absorption triangle for improved growth and increased yield.

Versatile rear planter attachment works with wide variety of planters

For versatility in planter choice, Orthman‘s 3-point planter attachment system utilizes a standard CAT III 3-point hitch system and is designed to work with most 6- to 16-row planters. Intelligent engineering allows the operator to quickly detach the planter, for stand-alone 1tRIPr use.

  • Adjustable 3-point mount height setting
  • Quick hydraulic disconnects simplify planter attachment and detachment
  • Rear planter attachment draft arms can float or be locked rigid to provide solid control