Bale King 8200


Bale King 8200


The 8200 gives you excellent processing flexibility, handling both 6.5′ round bales and 4′ x 4′ x 8′ bales letting you purchase the most affordable hay or straw, no matter how it’s baled.

It’s hydraulically actuated curved wing manhandles heavy squares and folds up for a narrow transport profile.

The 8200 features our patented and reliable X-Rotor for easy twine removal.

Standard Features

8200 abc

A) The 8200’s hydraulically actuated wing panel permits processing of round or square bales. You don’t even have to leave the cab to make the switch! The wing is great for manhandling stubborn or frozen bales for better rotor feeding.

B) A widened wheelbase gives better stability on rough terrain when the wing is loaded.

C) Heavy-duty adjustable loading forks with pointed tips slide under without skewing a bale like curved tips.

8200 def

D) Bolted clevis adjusts to your tractor’s hitch height to keep the 8200 nice and level.

E) Direct drive spins the flail tips at up to 7,000 feet per minute! Chainless and beltless design gives the 8200 robustness that’s hard to match.

F) Standard powder coat paint keeps your investment looking like new through years of regular use.

8200 ghi

G) All Bale King processors come with standard road lights, reflectors, and SMV signage.

H) Twin lift cylinders lift bales fast to save you time.

I) Hydraulic deflector enables switching from windrow-feeding mode to long distance bedding mode in seconds. Make neat rows or throw straw 60′ (or anything in-between), the choice is yours!

8200 JKL

J) Heavy steel hoop grates can be raised and lowered to adjust cutting aggressiveness. Typical 6.5″ round bale processing time should be 90-120 seconds.

K) You will not find one belt or chain on the 8200, a design decision which eliminates two major causes of processor failure. All powered components are driven either hydraulically or by the PTO.

L) Hydraulic agitators with aggressive paddles grip and rip the bale, turning it more reliably than chains or cradles to prevent bridging.

8200 mno

M) The X-Rotor, Crown Jewel of the Bale King! The X-Rotor was designed to eliminate the frustration of twine removal endemic to round rotors. The X-shape creates a cavity which allows the standard twine cutter or knife to easily cut the twine from behind.

N) Heavy duty 3/4″ flails.

O) Every X-Rotor is harmonically balanced to high precision, meaning less noise and smoother operation.


8200 Fine Chop

Fine Chop Kit – The Fine Chop Kit adds the ability to chop material even finer.

The Fine Chop Kit is ideal when processing long green feed or silage. No tools are required to raise or drop the knives.

The Fine Chop Kit can be added at any time either by the user or at time of order. Contact Bridgeview for more information.